Brand Profile: Bianchi Bicycles

12 June 2016

For over 30 years, Wheelfine Imports has been a proud dealer of Bianchi bicycles. Its production bikes are second-to-none and we are excited to offer our customers their complete line of bikes, from city trekking bikes to high-end racing machines... and we mustn't forget about the venerable Pista.

Established by Edoardo Bianchi in 1885 in Milano Italy, Bianchi is the oldest still existent bike brand in the world. Since that time, Bianchi has manufactured nearly every type of bike. They've equipped armies with military bikes for two World Wars. Under the legs of urbanites, they became a mainstay on the cobbled streets of Italian cities. Most notably, they've outfitted some of the greatest champions of the sport. Fausto Coppi, Felice Gimondi, Marco Pantani, and many more rode to their greatest successes aboard a celeste-painted Bianchi.
The Specialissima- currently Bianchi's pre-eminent racing bike

Just as famous for their iconic Celeste color as their innovative drive, Bianchi was equally reputed as both a quality and prolific manufacturer. Industrial success did not curb Edoardo Bianchi's desire to research and develop the best products and manufacturing methods. This overriding philosophy continues at Bianchi today; their recent utilization of the developed-for- NASA Countervail Technology in their carbon lay-up is a perfect example of that. 

Bianchi is simply an iconic brand. Their bike geometry is proven. Riding a Bianchi is riding inspired. Their frames are snappy and nimble, yet steady and reliable when you push the pace. Visually, their bikes are stunning. Whether you're looking for a racing bike or a cruising bike, you'll find an inspiring ride from Bianchi at Wheelfine Imports.

Bianchi Bicycles are a highlight of our inventory. Below is a list of some of the models we currently stock. All other models/ sizes can be ordered and assembled expediently.

Road                                           City Trecking
Infinito CV                                   Milano
Intenso                                        Iseo
Impulso                                       Torino
                                                   New Old Stock
Track                                           Vertigo
Pista                                            1885                                   
Cyclocross                                    SL
Zurigo                                          Dolomiti