Saliscendi Su Bianchi

7 July 2016

"Saliscendi (SAH lee SHEN dee)
literally 'raising-falling' refers to hilly roads where one is either going up or down all of the time, visit Tuscany to live it for yourself"
PezCycling News: Italian for Cyclists

As a customer of Wheelfine Imports, you are most likely somewhat of an Italophile. Perhaps you've visited Italy yourself; maybe you've even pedaled somewhere in this cyclist's paradise. 

Let me introduce myself. My name is Dave Cifelli. I am this blog's author, I'm the webmaster, I manage the Facebook page, and  I facilitate online sales and communications for Wheelfine Imports Pro Bike Shop

In 2012, I visited Italy for the first time. After that trip, I knew I had to go back with my bike. In 2013, I was able to save up enough money to take a month long trip again, this time riding in two Gran Fondi, spectating at the Road Worlds in Tuscany as well as the Giro di Lombardia. In 2014, I went again, visiting different places in what I consider to be the best place to ride a bike in the world. This year, I will be traveling for a third time, now with my girlfriend-turned-awesome-cyclist, Kristen. 

My personal travel blog is titled Saliscendi Su Bianchi. As you might imagine, we ride Bianchi bikes. I plan to write and post photos nearly every day of our month long trip, starting a week from today. I invite you all to follow along!

To read more about the trip we're taking this year, visit the Italia Trip 2016 tab. You can also find posts from my previous trips under the tabs for 2014 and 2013.

And just to be clear, I am going on this trip, not Michael so the shop will be open normal business hours listed on the website throughout the summer unless otherwise noted. Just wanted to make that clear. Hope you'll follow along!